33 Easy Ways To Improve Your History Essays: Versus History

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Writing a History essay can be a challenging task for students at AS Level, A-Level, I.B. and Diploma Level. We all need a little help to get it right in advance of our History Examinations and we all want to improve our written work in History. To that end, this book provides 33 straightforward tips to instantly help improve your History essays. The tips include some clever strategies for improving introductions, the main body of the essay, and conclusions. The tips themselves are easy to understand and integrate into your very next essay. Furthermore, there is clarification about the concepts contained within essay questions themselves, making it straightforward for you, the student, to focus your answers on what matters. The Versus History Project is run by experienced History Teachers Dr. Elliott L. Watson (@thelibrarian6) and Patrick O'Shaughnessy (@historychappy) who want to share solutions to real problems posed by their own students, time and time again. The book covers a wide range of problems encountered by many students of History, helping you to overcome them and impress the History Examiners in the process.